Library Policies

Displays and Exhibits:

The Library will use its display and exhibit areas for library publicity, community events, and information of a broader interest (such as national holidays, celebrations, etc.). The library will accept display material from patrons provided it meets the above criteria, and at the discretion of the staff.

Display cases inside the library shall be locked at all times. However, the library is not responsible for loss or damage to materials being displayed.

Collection Development:

The primary goal of the Galax-Carroll Regional Library is to guarantee to the people of the community free and easy access to materials needed for information, educational, and recreation through a combination of resources and services. Collection development includes the selection, organization, and provision for accessibility and viability. Collection development is based on a community profile describing the population with special attention to the unique needs of children and young adults.

As a public library in a democratic society, the GCRL is responsible for maintaining a well-balanced collection representing, where possible, all sides of issues. Inclusion in the collection does not represent an endorsement of any idea, theory, or policy. The Library Bill of Rights, Free Access for Minors, The Freedom to Read, and the Freedom to View Statements from the American Library Association are the basis for this policy.


Selection refers to the decision that must be made to add material to the collection or to retain material already in the collection. The Director operated within the framework of the policies determined by the Library Board and in-turn delegates the responsibility of selection of materials and the development of the collections.

The Library welcomes from the public recommendations for purchase, but cannot guarantee purchase of any suggestion. Responsibility for the reading of children and adolescents rests with their parent, guardian, or responsible adult. Library materials are not marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents.

Selection Principles

All acquisitions whether purchased or donated, are considered by the standards listed below. An item need not meet all the criteria in order
to be acceptable.

Decisions to acquire materials is made on basis of such factor as:
1. Quality of writing
2. Contemporary significance or permanent value
3. Reputation and significance of the author, editor, illustrator, or publisher
4. Availability and relationship of subject matter to the existing collection
5. Potential and/or known demand by public
6. Suitability of format for inclusion in a circulating collection
7. Budget considerations

An item need not meet all criteria to be included in the collection.

Selection Aids

The following are some of the selection aids used:
1. Booklist
2. Computer in Libraries
3. Library Journal
4. New York Times
5. Roanoke Times
6. School Library Journal
7. Publisher's Catalogues
8. Bibliographies

Maintenance of Collection

Multiple Copies

Additional copies of an item (in various formats) will be provided based on user interest, budget, and availability of similar items already in the collection.


Items will not automatically be replaced because of loss or damage.

Weeding and Inventory

Periodically items will be reviewed in an inventory or weeding process to remove badly worn and/or outdated materials. The resulting discards may be disposed by means of a book sale.


Items will be accepted on the conditions previously stated with the understanding that the Library may accept or dispose of said item in whatever manner deemed appropriate. Memorial gifts of money will be accepted at the discretion of the Library Board. Personal property, art objects, portraits, antiques, and other items may not be accepted, but may be referred to the Matthews Museum or the Carroll County Historical Society Museum.

Reconsideration of Library Materials

Once an item has been accepted as qualifying under the Library's selection policies, it will not be removed at the request of those who disagree with it unless it can be shown to be in violation of the policy. The Library Director and designated staff are available to discuss the interpretation and application of these selection principles.

Persons who wish to challenge an item from the collection must complete a written response from supplied by the Library. A request will be considered only if the complaint is properly identified.

A written reply by the Library Director shall be made within three working days. If the Library Director's response does not resolve the complaint, the complainant may proceed with the complaint by requesting a hearing with the Regional Library Board.

A hearing must be held within two weeks after it is requested. The decision of the Board on the matter is final.

Meeting Room:

GCRL meeting rooms are available to local non-profit organizations for meetings. The use of the meeting room must be cleared with library staff by completing an application from and placing the meeting on the calendar of the requested library.

The library makes charges $5.oo for the use of the meeting room if no food is involved, $10.00 if refreshments are served. This is a cleaning fee.

Application forms, signed by a representative of the requesting organization or individual, must be submitted to the library one week in advance for the use of the meeting room.

Groups that meet the same day each month may book the meeting room for the entire by listing each date on the application form. These groups must complete a new application form at the beginning of each year.

Library sponsored programs will receive first priority after which other applications will be considered on a date received basis.
When a meeting is postponed or cancelled, the library must be given a 24 hour notice.

Groups using the meeting room when the library is closed must have a representative pick up a door key no earlier than two (2) days before the scheduled meeting. This person must sign a key pickup record with his/her name and phone number (not the name of the organization president or sponsor).

Equipment to be provided by the library must be requested in advance of the meeting, preferable at the time of application. The organization must provide a qualified person to operate equipment or make arrangements with library staff.

Groups using the meeting room are responsible for maintaining order.

Any damage to library premises or equipment as a result of a group's use must be paid for by that group.

The library is not responsible for private property used on library premises for demonstrations, exhibits, etc.

Smoking is not permitted in the library. This includes the meeting room.

Non-Circulation Equipment:

GCRL provides the following equipment for in library use in order to better fulfill the needs of the patrons:

A TDD phone for the hearing impaired (located at Carroll County Public Library).  This can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls.

An Electronic Magnifier, which will enlarge reading material for the visually impaired (located at Carroll County Pubic Library).

Copier for public use.  Patrons may make five (5) copies from reference materials for free.  All other black and white copies are $0.20 each.  Copies made on both sides of the paper are counted as two (2) copies and charged at $0.40 each. Color copies are available at $.50 each side.

Computers - GCRL provides computers for public use.The charge for printing is $0.10 per page for black and white. 



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