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Carroll County Public Library’s Meeting Room

Meeting rooms in both libraries are available for use by approved groups. Call the circulation desk to inquire. Reservation form must be completed before reservation is approved. Any fee due or key to be picked up for after-hours must be done before meeting room can be used.

Availability of meeting rooms shall be on a first-come first-serve basis. In case of a conflict, the following priorities will prevail:

1. an election day voting site
2. a group sponsored by or affiliated with the Library that was already booked
3. a Galax or Carroll County-based group that was already booked
4. a regional (Galax, Carroll, Grayson or Wythe County) group
5. an out-of-region group

The fact that a group is permitted to use the meeting room does not in any way constitute endorsement of the group’s policies or benefits by the Library, the City of Galax, or Carroll County.

The Regional Library Director, in consultation with the Library Board of Trustees, is authorized to determine the appropriate use of the rooms. In case of denial of use, appeal may be made to the Library Board.


General Rules and Limitations
 Meeting rooms can be used between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Special requests for use before or after scheduled library hours should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event.
 The Library reserves the right to seek references of groups/individuals before booking meeting rooms for their use and to monitor all meetings held on the premises.
 No one using a library meeting room can charge admission or fees, nor can money exchange hands for anything ordered on library property, with the exception of library-sponsored presenters selling their books or CDs as part of the event.
 Authorized representative must be over 18 years of age and be present during the event.
 Telephone reservations are tentative until the group has completed a reservation form at the library and the form has been approved.
A fee of $5.00 per meeting, or $10.00 per meeting if refreshments are served, will be collected by the library for use of a meeting room. [Exceptions are library sponsored programs, City of Galax/Carroll County agencies, Chamber of Commerce sponsored meetings, veterans’ groups, and nonprofit groups.] As of January 1, 2019, library meeting rooms will no longer be reserved for private social gatherings or commercial demonstrations.
 Groups who need to cancel use of the meeting rooms should contact the Library immediately. If the Library has to cancel a meeting, the Library will give the group as much notice as possible.

Galax Public Library’s Meeting Room

1. Groups will be responsible for
• obtaining the key to the building for events scheduled outside library hours
• setting up chairs, tables, etc., for their use
• providing proper supervision of room and common areas (restrooms, lobby, kitchen)
• restoring the room to the same condition as it was found, including proper disposal of trash.
• checking restrooms and common areas before leaving
• locking the building if library is closed and returning the building key
• and paying any costs arising from damage or loss during use.
2. The use of alcoholic beverages on Library property is prohibited. The use of tobacco products are not allowed anywhere inside the library facilities.
3. Refreshments may be served – additional $5.00 per meeting.
4. If a group requires audio-visual equipment that belongs to the library, the group representative will be responsible for using and returning/restoring equipment properly, as well as any damage to library-owned hardware or software.
5. Storage of materials before or after the reserved time is prohibited unless permission is acquired from library personnel.
6. No material may be affixed to room surfaces or tack boards without prior permission.
7. Telephone or Fax messages will be taken for meeting room attendees ONLY in emergency situations.
8. The Library Board, the City of Galax, Carroll County, or their employees or agents are not liable for any claims arising from the use of these facilities. In case of emergencies, call 911 or the local police: Galax – 236-8101 Hillsville – 728-4146 or 728-2251.
9. Any damage to Library premises or equipment as well as any extra cleaning required that results from the group’s use of the facility will be the responsibility of said group.
a. Library facilities must be left clean and in good condition.
b. Any plans for decorations must be approved in advance by library personnel and removed by the group upon completion of the meeting.
10. Groups using the meeting rooms must make provisions to guard against public disturbances and unsafe practices and must be responsible for all persons attending their activities.
11. Anyone violating these rules may be asked to leave and/or denied future use of the facilities.

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